Free Start-Up Event – Thursday 13th July 2023

Starting a new business and/or boosting employment skills
Stands, Workshops and Speakers

(Drop in to all or part of the day)

The Skills Marketplace – in Taunton Library (from 12:00-4:45)

A range of employment support agencies and other experts will be on hand throughout the afternoon to provide advice and some top tips to help with things like writing effective CVs, interview techniques and highlighting skills for employers. There will even be the opportunity to see 3D printing in action and try VR experiences, all within the library which is an ideal place for hatching your next business!

Workshops & Inspiring Talks – in the main meeting room

1. The Value of Local Connections – 12:45-13:05

(delivered by Bethan Turner, Taunton Chamber)
Find out why making local connections with other businesses/ employees at other organisations can be a real boost to your career and your business aspirations. Learn about new opportunities for young people to connect and develop through our new Young Business Group.

2. Inspiring talk by Lizzie Ginbey at Teapot Creative – 13:10-13:30

We use design and digital creativity to transform businesses.
We create change through collaboration; our designers and developers take your ideas and work together and with you, to transform your business.
Whether you are looking for Logo design, branding and graphic design, web development and eCommerce, SEO and digital marketing or a little bit of everything… we’ve got you covered.

3. How SBA CIC can help you – 13:35-14:00

(delivered by Patricia Marks, SBA)
SBA CIC provide advice, guidance and support to individuals, micro businesses and startups as well as those with businesses looking to grow. We support individuals to develop new skills and take the next steps in their careers with training and personal development. In this session we will showcase the support we can offer and discuss the key elements to think about when starting a business.

4. Inspiring talk by Jon Rata at JP Rata – Redefining Accounting – 14:05-14:25

Having started in 2013, Jon has built his business from working as a sole trader in the spare bedroom to employing a team and managing an office. Jon will be sharing his memories of starting up; the best and worst parts of being self-employed and how he has recovered from mistakes along the way. Jon will also be sharing some of his top tips for getting the finances sorted for your start-up, which can also be found on Youtube.

5. Embracing the Future: Transforming Somerset Libraries with Technology – 14:45-15:05

(delivered by Olly Hellis, Somerset Libraries)
Find out how Somerset Libraries have implemented cutting-edge technologies such as Self-checkout kiosks, online e-books, audiobooks and magazines. We have also been showcasing 3D Printing, virtual reality, robotics and much more. We are now poised to embrace even more transformative technologies such as Augmented reality (AR). We are also exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to provide instant assistance and guidance to library visitors thereby augmenting the support services provided by human librarians.

6. Barclays Eagle Labs and Life Skills – 15:10-15:30

(delivered by Nick Porter, Barclays)
On a mission to support the UK’s entrepreneurial community – find out how Eagle Labs and Barclays LifeSkills can help you to connect, grow and scale. Barclays Business Health Hub – find out more about how we can help support UK businesses to build resilience.

7. Artificial Intelligence and benefits to business – 15:35-15:55

(delivered by Matt Ballard, Cosmic)
In this session, we will explore the various ways in which ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, can be leveraged as a powerful tool for businesses. From customer support to content creation, ChatGPT offers a wide range of applications that can make your life easier and more efficient.

8. Guidance and Training for post 16s – 16:00-16:45

(delivered by Marie Howard, Skill Up Somerset and Andrew Hanson, Education & Business Partnership)
Learn about the wide range of careers available in Somerset and the routes you can take to these after leaving school. From further study to apprenticeships to self-employment – there is a pathway for everyone.’

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