Come along to a free fun drop-in event in August to reflect on what the pandemic has meant for you and your family, friends and community.

Drop-in ‘Reflections’ event dates as follows:-

Also other dates in August at various Somerset libraries

A local artist or staff will be on hand to inspire and guide you, so you can draw/doodle something which will form part of a community artwork – representing the Somerset covid experience.

Bring along an object, pet or a person which has been particularly important to you in recent times – or just pop in and have a bit of fun! You can also leave a short ‘reflection’ message as an audio or video clip or perhaps a photo. We will be showcasing some fantastic books for you to borrow and we will be on hand to create new library memberships so you can access a wealth of books and other resources – all FREE!

Reflections – Free Evening Showcase Event

Taunton Library – 10 September – 6.15pm to 8.30pm

Book a free ticket to attend a fun and interesting event where we will showcase a short film which captures the Somerset experience with clips from people in your community.
A panel of authors will also be on hand to talk about their books with the theme of ‘Resilience’.
The community artwork, created by Somerset people will be unveiled for all to enjoy.
Talk to staff in libraries to book your free ticket or visit the website.

You can also find us on Social Media :-