Interactive Projectors

Interactive Projectors with dementia & autism-friendly activities

We have installed a little piece of magic in Taunton and Yeovil libraries – the OMI interactive projector which creates an interactive surface on a table or the floor, with stimulating games, activities and apps to aid relaxation and interaction.

There are hundreds of games and activities to choose from and they have been specifically designed to support people living with dementia, autism or learning difficulties.

Carers have also found the devices very helpful as they can stimulate memories, emotion and coordination and create ways to communicate with carers, family and friends.

The projectors are also sometimes used to provide fun activities for children in Dad’s Clubs, Rhyme-times and at other events.

The OMI projectors are free to use, but please contact the library first to check availability – email Taunton at or Yeovil at