What is the menopause?

The menopause is a natural stage of life but has until recently remained a taboo subject.

Perimenopause describes the time of life when your hormones start to change and your periods can become irregular, and you start to have one or more menopausal symptoms.
Women in their forties are likely to notice perimenopause signs.

The menopause is 12 months since your last period. On average this happens at 51 years, but for some women it can happen earlier.

The staff at Somerset Libraries have collated a list of books to help you understand and learn about the menopause.

The book list covers four topics: Menopause and your Health, Menopause and Nutrition, Menopause and Work, Menopause in Fiction.

Menopause and your Health

Menopause and Nutrition

Menopause and Work

Menopause in Fiction